Four Years of Memories

I took my last final as an undergraduate this morning and my roommate has officially moved out of our apartment. Things are wrapping up here and I’m ready to begin my next phase of life. As anxious I am to get married, begin grad school, and become independent of my parents, the end of this huge part of my life has got me feeling nostalgic.

I was searching for a particular picture the other day and I got caught up in looking at the pictures I’d taken since in college. I have a great life. The Lord has blessed me with many joys this year. His faithfulness gives me security for the future.

Let’s take a trip through the past four years.

I was incredibly blessed to have the most amazing roommate my freshman and sophomore year. Bailey was the best example of a woman serving and seeking the Lord. I miss her dearly and treasure the times we shared in Beasley Hall.

I was just as blessed to have great suite mates. Steph had us constantly laughing and doing crazy things like coloring our hair in the dorm.

Some of my favorite weekends were spent in Licking, MO. They were filled with friends, food, games, fishing, and exploring.

I was lucky to get to spend time in Europe the summer between my freshman and sophomore year. We traveled from London, to Sweden, to Rome. It was a trip of a lifetime. I’m eager to return someday.

My sophomore year I took my first real road trip with friends to New Orleans and Dauphin Island. Flat tires and freezing water made for a memorable trip.

My junior year I began dating this guy. That summer I took an amazing trip to see him in New York City. We can’t wait to go back again someday.

I got to take yet another trip over spring break of my junior year. My best friend and I took on California, visiting Disneyland, California Adventure, and San Diego Wild Animal Park.

During November I traveled to West Africa with Freshwater Church to build relationships with the SS people. It was such an amazing experience and I think of and pray for the people there often.

This March Brad proposed and I said yes.

Life with Brad has been a whirlwind of joy, adventures, growing, and laughing. I have enjoyed reflecting on the past four years, but I am even more excited to see what the next four and beyond bring.


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