Graduation Gift Basket

It’s that time of year again and graduation is just around the corner! Brad and I are super excited for his sister, Heather, to be graduating from high school! Not only is she going to college next, but she’s starting this summer! It was important to Brad and I to get her something that she would really need and use as she heads of to college. We decided that a gift basket of some of the essentials would be the best way to go! Check out our basket:


Umbrella: Everyone that lives in Missouri knows that an umbrella is a handy thing to have when you live on campus and walk to class. Plus the duck is super cute!

Three-hole Punch: This is one of those items that you always seem to need, but never have. I’ve definitely gotten my $7 worth out of mine!

Hand-Sanitizer: This is a great item to have on your desk. I feel like using hand sanitizer is kind of like brushing your teeth in the middle of the day; you just feel refreshed. It can also be especially helpful if you have community bathrooms and you don’t want to run down the hall every time you need to wash your hands.

Pens: Pretty obvious. You can never have too many pens.

Febreeze Air Freshener: My roommate and I used this all the time in the dorm and I use it now in my apartment. It’s nice to have a little spritz of smell good! And let’s face it, sometimes the dorm just smells weird.

Journal: I’m a to-do list kind of girl. Having a place to put notes to myself that is small enough to fit in my purse of backpack is extremely helpful! You never know when you are going to need to write something down.

Utensil Holder: This is found on any college student’s desk or nightstand and takes many different forms. I personally use a coffee cup that says, “Do All Things With Love”. This is where you keep all the keys to successful reading and paper writing: pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors, sharpies.

Insulated Cup: Keeping hydrating throughout your day is very important for anyone. My energy level really goes down if I haven’t had anything to drink. This cup is great because it has a lid and straw. You can take water, juice, or pop with you to class without spending money on buying a drink everyday!

Lint Roller: Another item I always seem to need but never have. It’s also a quick way to refresh a piece of clothing without doing laundry!

Bandaids: One incident of cutting myself shaving taught me to always have bandaids on hand. This item is usually bought by your mom and kept in the medicine cabinet at home. I never thought to bring bandaids with me to college until I really needed them!

Mini Stapler: I bought one of these my freshman year and used it ALL THE TIME. This isn’t high school anymore and teachers don’t always have a stapler for you to use. I carry mine in my backpack and classmates use it all the time.

Gum: Another obvious. You can never have too much gum. Plus it’s a great way to make friends! “Would you like a piece of gum?” “Yes I would! Let’s be friends.”

Tape: Similar to a stapler, I have needed tape much more often than expected. Tape can also be used to hang things up in that drab dorm room!

Mini Post-Its: I prefer min post-its because they are much more manageable to use in a book than the larger kind, especially if you are using a lot. Plus, a good sized stack of post-its can last you a really long time!

Nail Polish: Because who doesn’t like nail polish?

Good luck with your own grad gift buying!


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