Ames Adventure

This past weekend Brad, my mom and I made the trek up to Ames, IA, to take engagement pictures. Why go to Ames, you ask? Because Iowa is such an exciting place to be! Just kidding. Actually Ames was really cool, but that’s not the reason we drove four hours there to take pictures. I am very blessed to have two wonderful aunts that happen to be wedding photographers! Unfortunately, they live near Minneapolis, MN, so we decided to meet in the middle.

The weekend began cold and rainy, but God brought out the sun for a few short hours and we were able to get some great photos. Unfortunately, the sun did not bring warmth, but I was determined to wear the new dress I bought just for this occasion. My little red dress did very little for keeping me warm in the 60-degree weather, but I toughed it out for cuteness.

A few pictures were posted on Facebook as a preview to the full edition. I’m very excited to see all of the pictures after they have been edited! Here are a few of my favorites:

Brad & I painted this little sign together. I’m planning on hanging it next to this picture in our house!


We got some pretty good air!


I love this one of us, but it really makes me wish I would have done some tanning.


Of course, every good road trip has a run-in with the police. On Sunday morning we decided to take a few more pictures before we hit the road. We headed down to the (very busy) railroad tracks. Next thing you know, Officer Ed Morton has pulled up and is telling us that he is video taping the conversation we were about to have with him. After a moment of panic on our part, he realized that we were not union railroad workers protesting, but taking engagement pictures. We all had a good laugh and he took a picture with us.

I’ll be sharing more pictures soon!!


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