Snapshots of Lately

Brad and I recently ventured into adult married life and set up a phone plan together. Both of our contracts were up and our parents were as eager for us to get off of their plans as we were to be rid of T-Mobile. So we each got the iPhone 4S, which is totally exciting because I’ve never even had a smart phone before, let alone a fancy iPhone. Of course I’ve been obsessively playing Words with Friends and constantly finding reasons to tweet something since Twitter is right at my fingertips. I expected Instagram would also be one of my favorite apps, which has proved to be true. Here are a few recent snapshots of life.



Brad and I love to be outside. It was very warm in Bolivar last week, so of course we took advantage of the nice weather and went on a few walks! Evening walks are one thing I’m going to miss about Bolivar.



Taking a look at my phone photos is an easy indication of where I spend most of my time: the lab. Doesn’t that second picture look good enough to drink? Mmmm… brass and potassium iodate :)


Starbucks dates are my favorite. I’m really looking forward to living in a city that has a Starbucks.


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