Did we just become best friends?

Sometimes I like to believe that I could be best friends with celebrities.

It’s not like I Google image her everyday or obsessively try to contact her. My imaginary friendship with her is very casual. I follow her on Twitter (like I would any other friend), I listen to her album on repeat until I’ve got all the songs memorized (I would totally do this if my friend was a recording artist), and I defend her if anybody starts talking smack (because that’s what true friends are for.)

Maybe someday one of my celebrity best friends will decide to quit the biz and relocate to the Midwest. This is what I expect from my fantasy friendships:

Zooey Deschanel:

My best friend and I would open a little cupcake shop, because I feel like Zooey Deschanel just looks like she belongs in a cupcake shop. Our shop would be full of cuteness and happiness all the time. We would live in a loft located in a hip part of town with three funny guys. She would, of course, ask me to write for Hellogiggles. We would make crafts and go shopping and she would tell me that I still have cute hair even though I can’t rock bangs like her. Then she would introduce my real-life best friend to Joseph Gordon-Levitt & they would fall in love. Our friendship would be totally adorkable.

Miranda Cosgrove:

Miranda would be my younger sister… and not the annoying kind that only wants to steal my clothes, but the kind that I would be happy to lend my clothes to. I’d be the coolest older sister and drive her and her friends around. We’d sing to the radio with the windows down and we’d eat gummy bears, because Miranda love gummy bears.

Emma Watson:

Emma would be an awesome friend for so many reasons. She’s smart, stylish, has a British accent, and is friends with Rupert Grint. She would reminisce to me about her HP days and give me the dish on all the cast. She’d fly me to London and show me all the cool sites where true Londoners hang out. Then she would give me one of her Burberry coats because she’s just that nice.

Taylor Swift:

I would help Taylor with all of her boy drama. (Then again, in pop music, heartbreak equals an awesome new song…. so maybe I won’t steer her clear of bad boys). When she inevitably does get her heart broken, I will help her come up with words that rhyme with that tool’s name and write a song about him. Then we’d write a song about how cool we are, be best friends for life, and adopt a puppy.

A girl can dream, right?


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