Happy New Year


I have recently become an avid blog follower. Fashion, DIY, health, weddings… The internet is endless. With all of this blogging I’ve been considering starting a blog of my own. I usually talk myself out of it with excuses like, “No one cares about what I have to say anyway,” or “I’ll get bored of it and quit in a week,” or “I should probably be studying instead.” But I decided to go against my better judgment and start a blog, even if my mother is the only person to read it. I’ll think of it as a place to compile my thoughts, interests, and creations.

There should be plenty to blog about in 2012. I am graduating from college in May, moving out of my apartment at school, and starting the next phase of my life, whatever that may be.

So hello, 2012. Glad to see you.

Katelyn Rae


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